Writing the World We Imagine



Words are powerful. Whether it’s a letter to an elected official about an issue you care about or poetry that express your deepest passions, the words you choose make an impact on the world. I want to begin a creative community writing project that will directly impact our world and simultaneously start a discussion to spark further change.

Introducing Pitiless Blue Sky.

A collection of poetry and short stories themed loosely around climate change, homelessness, and social justice, Pitiless Blue Sky will be the culminating project of a writing class exploring these themes. Through playing with poetic forms and devices including symbolism, metaphor and voice, I will guide participants in creating poetry and short fiction to channel our anger, fear, and hopelessness into powerful healing voices for the world.

The title of the anthology comes from the poem “My Country,” written in 1908 by the 19-year-old poet Dorothea Mackellar after she witnessed the breaking of an Australian drought. The poem – with its imagery of a beautiful countryside burnt by a harsh sun – has recently become a rallying cry as the repercussions of global warming are being seen across Australia and the world.

All proceeds from sales of the anthology will go to the Environmental Defense Fund, a 4-star charity at Charity Navigator. Their mission is to “solve the most critical environmental problems facing the planet, focusing on mitigating climate change, restoring the ocean’s bounty, protecting wildlife and their habitats, and safeguarding our health.”


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