New Novel Coming Soon: Spoiler Alert

The premise of my new novel-in-progress:

After answering an advertisement to be an early reviewer for a sneak preview of a disturbing movie, David experiences a series of hallucinations, a different hallucination each day for six days before the whole pattern repeats, endlessly. Some of the visions are so devastating and frightening they nearly cause his death. Since they began a year ago, he’s developed strategies for coping with them, even beginning to play with them and use them to heighten his perception and engagement with life. He tries to track down the filmmakers and other reviewers, to no avail. 

A year later, the movie is released to the public. As the whole country begins to experience the same hallucinations, David decides to warn everyone and act as a guide to the disturbing visions. After his first press conference, he’s detained by the CIA, suspected of playing a role in creating the mass hallucinations. When he’s finally freed, he reluctantly leads a group of revolutionaries who might use the visions to find a way to a better life, or escape them completely.

Stay tuned for more details and excerpts.


One thought on “New Novel Coming Soon: Spoiler Alert

  1. Oh em gee I need this book in my brain!! Sounds amazing. It’s so good to know you are writing and I love your posts. I hope you and your family are having a lovely summer. 🙂


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