The Mysterious Vanishing Island

Here an island once rose from the ocean. It has now nearly vanished beneath the waves due to rising sea levels and erosion.  It was one of five submerged islands ranging from 2.5 to 12.4 acres, part of the Solomon Islands archipelago near Australia. Although this island had no human population, neighboring populated islands have also been ravaged by rising waters. On Nuatumbu island nearby, villages were destroyed and people were forced to relocate.

In 2014, a resident of a nearby island filed a “climate refugee” status request with New Zealand, arguing that wealthy governments and corporations were destroying his home. He argued that, as one of the responsible nations, New Zealand should help him rebuild in a safe place. His appeal was denied.

But what can people do to make carbon-polluting countries and corporations act responsibly to save what’s left of the world, before more islands and communities are destroyed?

Read more about the disappearing islands:


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